Tod’s Releases Luxury iPad Cases | Alligator Skin Technology Pouches Cost Almost $5K

Posted on: Aug 12

If Parabellum's luxury bison hide iPad case wasn't opulent enough for you, feast your eyes on this plush alternative from Tod's.

These authentic alligator skin pouch may be the world's priciest iPad cases with retail values of $4,900. To put that in perspective for you, you could buy nine 16GB iPads for that price and have a chunk of change left over.

For that money you'll get a handcrafted pouch in your choice of brown, blue, or tan. If that's too rich for your tastes, Tod's has also released a nude calfskin version. At $495 this is still expensive, but compared to the alligator alternative it almost seems affordable.

If you love Tod's enough to indulge in either iPad case you'll want to load the brand's new iPad app onto your personal technology. Called My Life is in This Bag, the software allows fans to browse the brand's new collections and get a glimpse into the handbags of some of Tod's most famous followers, including Nicole Kidman, Jessica Alba, and Jennifer Garner. The app doesn't sound like the most revolutionary use of your iPad, but if you love Tod's enough to buy these cases you'll probably adore it.

[Source: Luxist]

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