Timmy Woods Bling Santa Purse | Interesting Seasonal Novelty Shoulder Bag

Posted on: Dec 17

Last year Timmy Woods fans went around with the funky Kris Kringle purse on their seasonally themed arms. This year the time has come for Bling Santa to have his reign!

OK, this is kind of terrible, that much is undeniable. But if spreading Christmas cheer and celebrating a great sense of humor is your kind of thing, then why not kick up your heels and see this as a little bit of fun?

Decoratively, Timmy Woods has really gone all out to make this as bling as possible. That has been achieved with the decadent fur trim to the hat, the glistening green hat, the glittery gold beard and even the cute golden glasses. Subtlety isn't the name of the game!

Inside, as with many novelty bags, you don't get much space, and the hard exterior makes for a restrictive interior. With that bundle of laughs on the outside, however, die-hard Christmas addicts would say that it is worth it.

From the beard to the faux-fur, this $349 purse is one helluva stocking filler!

More Features of this Timmy Santa Bling Santa Shoulder Bag

  • Faux fur
  • Lined interior
  • Hard exterior
  • Chain strap

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