Tepper Jackson Samba Tote | Clear Psychedelic Tote Hits Transparency Trend Spot-on

Posted on: Jul 3

Vogue reports that transparency is one of the trends for the coming summer season. In the same breath, small and decorative bags are fashionable too. Sometimes, however, you can't have both; after all, your shopping and work won't fit in a teeny tiny oh so pretty mini-bag!

This tote definitely hits transparency on the head, with its psychedelic and bold pattern on a backing of durable clear vinyl. Thankfully you get the kudos of the sexy see-through plastic with enough privacy to mean people don't have to see your Tampax at the bottom of your bag.

It ain't graceful, but it's true!

The shape of this large tote is perhaps a bit too simplistic. There isn't really any elegance in the stiff angular square shape, and the curved black handles make you wish for more cohesive lines in the tote itself. However, this Tepper Jackson shopper is lent more credibility by the great and retro sixties pattern.

In functionality and practicality, here is a great handbag that hits plenty of trends. Graphic and bold, it is great fun!

More Features of this Tepper Jackson Samba Tote

  • Two vinyl handles
  • Swirling psychedelic pattern
  • Clear vinyl

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