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Posted on: Feb 15

Tepper Jackson Lotus ToteWhy settle for one bag, when you can get two for the same price? Alright, when you get down to it this Lotus Chocolate tote is still one bag, but as it's reversible we can enjoy two different looks.

In regular mode this tote has a funky 70s print. The colored lotus blooms really pop against the chocolatey brown finish, and they have me craving spring. I can just imagine this pattern serving as wallpaper in my parents' first apartment! If it's too groovy for you, simply turn the tote inside out. Worn this way it's a perfectly plain coral red bag. The warm color is ideal for the approaching season, and just the thing when you're wearing a patterned ensemble!

As we've come to expect from reversible totes, the Lotus Chocolate is low on features. There are two open side pockets, but Tepper Jackson's left the inside bare. It has to be this way, as anything on the inside you'll see once the tote is reversed, but it's still disappointing. That makes this tote more appropriate for carrying bulky goods to the beach or gym than everyday use.

While we're talking limitations, there is also no closure here so you'll need to keep an eye on your stuff. What a shame Tepper Jackson didn't think to close its side pockets with zips, as this bag would benefit from some secure storage room.

If you demand little more from your tote than simply space and style, you won't mind spending $48 on this one. Its reversible design adds value, but I think Tepper Jackson may have overestimated just how much.

More Features of This Tepper Jackson Reversible Tote

  • Made of cotton
  • A 20 inch shoulder strap
  • Measures 20 x 12 x 7 inches

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