Tepper Jackson Dial V-Tote | Colorful Retro Patterned PVC Carryall Bag

Posted on: Feb 3

With a characteristic burst of color comes this Dial V-Tote from Tepper Jackson.

It might be called a V-Tote, but it's not too different from any other tote bag. The boxy shape is traditional, some may even suggest boring, but it needs to be. A purse with such a bright pattern doesn't call for any frills to distract us.

That colorful print is the Dial V-Tote's greatest selling point. Vibrant circles work together to create a retro sixties pattern. It's kitschy, but that's half the fun!

As you might expect for $60, this Tepper Jackson bag isn't very luxurious. Its body is PVC rather than leather, and the interior while spacious is incredibly simple. The lining is cheap, but at least it's there, and the zippered pocket will go some way towards helping you stay organized. The lack of closure is disappointing, but again not entirely unexpected in this price bracket.

It's not the most opulent tote around, but this affordable Tepper Jackson bag is ideal for budget lovers wanting to make a big impression.

More Features of This Tepper Jackson Pattern V-Tote

  • Dual aqua handles
  • Measures 12 x 7.5 x 15 inches

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