SURevolution Limited Edition Mochila Bags | Woven Wayuu Handbags from South America

Posted on: May 12

SURevolution Mochila BagsSURevolution has released a limited edition collection of Mochila bags to celebrate summer. The woven tribal style purses, which are amply proportioned at 12 x 9 x 9 inches, are perfect for the festival season!

Each bag is handcrafted by women from the Wayuu tribe, a people living in the Guajira region between Venezuela and Colombia. The ladies use time honored techniques that have been passed through generations of the South American tribe. Their weaving is so intricate that it actually takes a whole month to create just one bag!

The tribal design featured on each Mochila bag is more than simply aesthetically pleasing. The geometrical patterns tell tales of the Wayuu tribe and its myths and legends. Each one is just a little bit different than the one that came before, which is a real plus for girls that don't like to be just one of the pack.

The Mochila bags are available for $325 from the SURevolution website. That's fairly pricy for a handbag that doesn't feature the luxury materials we're all used to, but it's not exorbitant when we consider the handiwork that goes into each one.  There are several different colors and patterns available. Which one is speaking to you?

[Source: FabSugar]

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  1. john Says:

    How much do the women who make these bags get paid for them? It seems that the high prices could be distorting the local economy?

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