Stella McCartney Gem Embellished Clutch | Pastel Rhinestone Daisy Encrusted Evening Bag

Posted on: Jun 7

Stella McCartney is known for creating cool downtown styles for cool downtown girls. Nothing fussy or overwrought, just streamlined designs that can be worn regardless of trends. That's what she's known for, but this particular bag is not exactly screaming "cool" or "downtown". 

This bag isn't screaming at all. In fact, it might actually be yawning, or muttering under its breath like some withering old ninny, which is exactly what it reminds me of. Seriously, I am the first person to adore kitschy touches on high style designs, but give me the high style first, please.

This clutch is a serious disappointment. I mean, it isn't exactly offensive or anything, but it is seriously boring. And, dare I say, completely irrelevant to what's going on in fashion or culture? I think it's supposed to be going for some sort of uber-girly, florals meet rhinestones in a speakeasy sort of vibe, but I'm really not sure.

The champagne colored clutch is simply shaped, and would have been acceptable, but it looks as though someone attacked it with a beadazzler or a hot glue gun or something. The floral patterns are uninspired, and the color palette is muted to the point of being blah.

All this for only $995? What a deal, people. My advice to you, if you happen to have an extra grand lying around, is to wrap some rubberbands around those bills and throw them in a coffee tin. At least cash will still be worth something in a few months (hypothetically speaking), unlike this poor excuse for a designer handbag.

More Features Of The Stella McCartney Gem Embellished Clutch

  • Silvertone hardware
  • 12" x 7" size
  • Contrasting satin lined interior

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