Spiegel Button Trim Canvas Tote | Affordable Black Fabric Bag

Posted on: Jun 19

Spiegel Button Trim Canvas BagWe can always count on Spiegel for low priced accessories, but they're not always the best looking. When the label attempts to replicate leather the shortcomings of its materials are obvious. That's why I think this canvas tote is one of Spiegel's best.

This tote isn't trying to be anything that it's not, which may be why it works so well. Just like a little black dress, we always have space in our closet for a black tote. This one is given some extra punch with white shoulder straps and large black buttons. The buttons give this tote a retro vibe, but with the classic white and black color combination it doesn't feel dated.

I didn't expect much more than a lot of space inside this simply designed tote, but Spiegel delivers that and then some. A selection of open pockets is on hand to hold our essential technology and sunglasses. A zip top closure helps to keep whatever you're carrying secure. I wouldn't say Spiegel has overwhelmed us with practical features, but it's certainly exceeded my expectations.

The price is the clincher for me, a bargain basement $49. For the money you're not likely to find many totes as cute and clever!

More Features of This Spiegel Canvas Tote

  • Made of 100% cotton canvas
  • Measures 24.5 x 14.5 inches

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