Sherpani Ivy Shoulder Bag | Cute Orange Cotton Handbag

Posted on: Nov 23

Sherpani Ivy Shoulder BagSherpani's created a purse of uncharacteristic style with the Ivy.

It's certainly not sophisticated, but the Ivy's playful design is much prettier than most of the label's creations. They don't all take my fancy; the neutral Canyon bag's a bit boring and the artsy graphic on the Song for You is unrefined. But this Spice bag gets it just right, with warm sherbety orange hue and intertwining leaves and flowers.

I like a lot about the Ivy's design. It's a great everyday size, not too big but not too small. The water bottle pocket is handy for staying hydrated, while the array of smaller pockets can handle gadgets and keys.

We don't expect longevity in a purse costing just $69.95, but we probably expect better quality than this. The suede borders are prone to early flaking, and the strap's buckle is too loose so adjusting it is virtually impossible. It's far from perfect. I love the looks, but I think those flaws are just too big to ignore. A bag isn't a bargain if it's difficult to use after all.

More Features of This Sherpani Floral Decorated Shoulder Bag

  • Made of natural cotton
  • Magnetic button closure
  • Measures 5 x 9 x 11 inches

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