Shabd Simon-Alexander’s Baggu Capsule Collection | Tie-Dyed Recycled Cotton Canvas Totes & Backpacks

Posted on: Apr 11

Shabd Simon-Alexander Baggu Totes

New York designer Shabd Simon-Alexander has teamed up with eco-friendly shopping bag brand Baggu for a collection of green accessories. The bags are made from durable recycled cotton duck canvas and colored with Simon-Alexander's signature soft tie-dyed patterns.

Bag lovers can choose between the tote bag, which features a long shoulder strap and short handles, or the casual backpack. Each is available in five dreamy pastel colors: blush orange, midnight gray and a paler gray, cobalt, and tide aqua. The tie-dying process ensures that no two bags are the same, which should please bag lovers that like to stand out in a crowd.

Tote bags like this are a dime a dozen, although Simon-Alexander's tie-dyed prints make these limited edition ones a bit prettier than most. I'm not sure those head-turning good looks make them worth $48. I've seen so much recycled cotton canvas totes that are much cheaper than these.

Shabd Simon-Alexander Backpack

But the backpacks are unlike anything I've seen from Baggu. Eco-friendly backpacks are not very common, so I predict these ones will be snapped up by eco-conscious college kids. Their very student-friendly price of $58 makes them even more appealing.

The Shabd Simon-Alexander totes and packs are available from Baggu's website now.

[Source: Ecouterre]

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