Serpui Marie Rattan Box Clutch | Woven Exotic Purse

Posted on: Mar 30

This Serpui Marie box clutch is an exotic and interesting creation.

I am writing about this summery bag now, because at $220 you are likely to have to start saving up in order to be able to buy it as soon as the sun comes out. OK, so that might be an exaggeration, but it is undeniable that they are asking a lot of money for a rattan purse that simply won't be all that durable.

Of course, you shouldn't avoid buying something just because it is make of delicate materials; otherwise we would never use a bag made of suede. You just have to be prepared to be gentle with it, and use the clutch for special occasions rather than everyday. After all, you wouldn't want something this pretty and beautifully textured to lose its impact!

With an unusual box shape, this will work for weddings and calm evenings out, rather than nights of wild clubbing.

More Features of this Serpui Marie Rattan Clutch

  • Also available in silver/gold and green/brown
  • Kiss lock closure
  • Woven rattan exterior

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