See By Chloe Yate Leather Messenger | Intricate Silver Stitched Brown Leather Tote

Posted on: Feb 9

See By Chloe Yate Leather MessengerI have been totally in love with See by Chloe lately. The fashionability and affordability of its accessories line makes it extremely attractive. But this Yates messenger leaves a lot to be desired, and I am more than a little disappointed by it.

The brown leather has a sort of icky green tinge to it. It's just not the nice, rich, nutty brown that I would like it to be. The silver stitching is interesting, but honestly, I don't really get it. It's a little flashy, but kind of tacky, and unlike the other Yates bags, I don't really feel like the zig-zag pattern is doing much for the design.

The shape of this Yates messenger is really more of a hobo than a messenger. It's sleeker and more minimal than your average hobo, or it would be if it weren't for the floppy leather bow accents on the sides and the oddly placed belt. Why does a handbag need a belt, anyways? Overall, I just don't think this version of the Yates is that interesting, even if at $75, it is pretty affordable.

More Features Of The See by Chloe Yate Messenger

  • Full top zipper
  • Interior zipper and pouch pockets
  • Fully lined in animal print twill

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