See by Chloe Reversible Tote | Blue Leather & Cotton Print Handbag

Posted on: Jul 29

Reversible totes are great. You get more for your money by enjoying two handbag styles for the price of one. But usually it's just a change of color or print and only available in cotton or canvas bags.

Not so with this See by Chloe Leather/Cotton Reversible Tote! These are really two completely different bags.

The blue leather tote is very sensible and classic with clean lines and minimal detail. The blue leather side features one flap pocket with a geometric triple seam detail. It would make a great unexpected neutral in your wardrobe.

But the cotton side is anything but neutral! The loud, fun artistic floral print pops in red, blue, orange, purple and more. The cotton exterior gives it a more rounded, less structured shape. What was an interior zip pocket when the leather was the exterior becomes an exposed zipper pocket in blue trim on the cotton.

I would question how practical it is to have a leather interior for a bag. What if a pen explodes or lipstick opens? There's also the fear that the bag wouldn't fall exactly the same on either side once it has been reversed. So, consider these possible drawbacks before falling for the novelty aspects of this tote.

More Features Of The See by Chloe Reversible Tote

  • Logo stamp on pocket flap of leather exterior
  • Top stitching
  • Measures 15 x 15.5 x 5 inches
  • Strap drop 8.5 inches

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