Savanna Oval Stone Clutch | Purple Jeweled Satin Purse

Posted on: Oct 11

Savanna Oval Stone ClutchI've always thought of Savanna as a cheap and cheerful label. However with the Oval Stone Clutch it shows us it also knows a thing or two about luxury.

This purse is a bit of a poor woman's Judith Leiber clutch. That might sound derogatory, but let's face it: few of us have the cash to indulge in a real Judith Leiber creation. When we consider our own bank balances rather than our hearts, a cheaper alternative suddenly starts to sound a bit more enticing.

We do notice the differences when we're comparing this purse to a high end one. It's covered in purple rhinestones rather than real Austrian crystals, and they're spaced more sparsely. We lose a bit of the wow factor along with the jewels, but the stones are a lovely complement to the purple satin. I really like the regal air this color has, but this clutch is also available in black for more conservative types.

Of course we don't have enough space, but we do have enough carrying options. Savanna offers us long rope and chain straps. The cord one is more forgiving but not quite as luxurious, so I'd probably use it during the day, then trot the chain version out at night. Or I could always clutch this purse the old fashioned way. Decisions decisions!

At $112 this is a much more expensive purse than most of Savanna's range, but it's also more opulent than the rest of the bunch.

More Features of This Savanna Jeweled Clutch

  • A rhinestone clasp closure
  • Two attachable straps with 22 inch drops
  • Measures 1.5 x 6 x 4 inches
  • Made in China

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