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Posted on: Jan 16

Photo of Sarah Michelle Gellar via Celebutopia

Sarah Michelle Gellar has a fantastic eye for designer bags. She was recently spotted at an airport with her charming husband sporting one of the most fantastic handbags ever made. Of course I'm referring to the Balenciaga Work bag.

This fabulous carry-all is made from the yummiest lambskin leather (it is impossible to find leather as good as what you get with Balenciaga bags), and at 18 x 12 x 6 is roomy enough to use as an everyday bag or travel tote.

The Work doesn't come with a detachable shoulder strap like its' smaller sisters the City and First (a pity in my opinion), but its' surprisingly lightweight unless you pile in the junk like I do. If you're on the thin side, you'll certainly be able to sport this bag on the shoulder.

Unfortunately, I was never able to get the handles over my chubby upper arms. I have since parted with my beloved Work in lilac, and I miss her terribly. This bag is still a wonderful investment if only for the fact that it'll last forever. You can buye Sarah's sky blue version (I have the City in this color) or choose from eight other options including the "must-have" color for this spring - navy.

  • Balenciaga Work Bag - $1595 via Balenciaga's website

(Via SenoraCartera: Celebrity Style: Sarah Michelle Gellar and the Balenciaga Work Bag)

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