Salvatore Ferragamo Creates Eco Friendly Handbag Collection

Posted on: Dec 30

Salvatore Ferragamo has gone green, creating a luxury line of environmentally friendly handbags.

The Eco Ferragamo collection features purses made with a nontoxic tanning technique and dyed using tannins extracted from tree bark. They're then lined with handwoven hemp to withstand everyday use.

The results are bags that are biodegradable, water-resistant, and utterly stylish. There's something for everybody, with Eco Ferragamo purses ranging from small totes to maxi hobos. You'll find them in this lush tobacco brown, lemon yellow, and grapefruit pink.

The Eco Ferragamo handbags will cost from $1, 190 to $1,890. You've got a little time to save your pennies, with the collection due to hit stores in February.

Green in the new black, so it's wonderful to see high-end designers doing their bit to save the planet. Can we look forward to some eco-friendly Salvatore Ferragamo shoes and apparel soon? Hopefully this is the start of something big from the Italian fashion house!

[Source: FabSugar]

Eco Friendly Designer Bags on eBay

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  1. Joy Says:

    Hello, I just came across this blog today; I am interested that Salvatore Ferragamo is now manufacturing and selling “Eco Handbags.” However, I was dismayed to see the prices on these bags! $1,190 to $1,890…I am wondering what market Ferragamo is catering to.
    These would be way out of my range.

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