Roxy Solstice Satchel | Casual Textured Synthetic Leather Handbag

Posted on: Jan 18

More often than not, Roxy's handbags are bright and colorful with details that are meant to evoke a casual, carefree vibe that fits its surf-loving style. I can't really say that this Solstice Satchel fits in with that look, although both the design and price are enough to catch my eye.

The price, more than anything, is what makes the Solstice an appealing purchase for shoppers with a limited budget. If you dig the style and don't mind synthetic leather, which is highly likely if you're shopping in this price range, this satchel's $38 tag is ideal.

Honestly, even if you were shopping in a price range that went up to $150 or so, there's still a decent likelihood that you'd still be getting leather-like material. Even though Roxy is a juniors line, there's nothing wrong with getting a good deal on a versatile purse. It might not be as grown-up as designs from other synthetic-loving handbag brands such as Jessica Simpson, but the Solstice's solid color and simple design mature it a bit.

My favorite feature on the satchel is the knot on each end of the twisted handles. It's the kind of detail that makes the Solstice fit right in with Roxy's cool vibe, but in a subtle way.

More Features of the Solstice Satchel

  • Measures 14.5 x 10 x 4.75 inches
  • Double twisted straps with 8.5 inch drop
  • Synthetic material
  • Available in various colors

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