Roberto Cavalli Squirrel Trimmed Brocade Shoulder Bag | Opulent Black & Gold Embroidered Bag

Posted on: Oct 23

Roberto Cavalli Squirrel Trimmed Brocade Shoulder BagRoberto Cavalli's flashy Italian style has never really been to my liking. His aesthetic is shiny, elaborate, and opulent, which is basically the complete opposite of what I'm into. Despite that, there's something very intriguing about this bag that compels me. I can't, however, decide whether I find it compelling in a positive or negative way.

The heavy brocaded fabric material on this bag is like something from a medieval tapestry. The black fabric sets off the gold embroidery and beading in a magnificent way. The squirrel fur trim greatly enhances the look, but honestly, I feel a little conflicted about it. This is a $3,650 bag and it's trimmed with squirrel? It just seems a little domestic for this decadent item.

The shape of this bag is simple, which is great, because nothing else about the bag is. The gold braided strap is almost as elaborate as the embroidery on the bag. It's less yellow than the gold on the bag, though, so it helps the brown-y tones of the squirrel fur blend in better.

Overall, I think this bag is very cool, but it kind of looks like something a Mongolian sheepherder would wear. But, hey, maybe that's a look this season.

More Features Of The Roberto Cavalli Squirrel Trimmed Brocade Shoulder Bag

  • 12"x 8" x 4" size
  • 24" handle drop
  • Magnetic fastening on the front flap
  • Lined in red leather

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