Robert Clergerie Tontoutax Tote | Simple Perforated Luxury Handbag

Posted on: Oct 18

Robert Clergerie Tontoutax Large ToteYou can't really get simpler than this Robert Clergerie tote!

With it's incredibly smooth leather body and minimalist amount of seaming, the Tontoutax tote couldn't be plainer. However, thanks to the deep matte black leather, the effect is one of luxury rather than absence. In essence, you have such a beautiful expanse of luxury blackness that you wouldn't want it interrupted by trinkets and decoration.

As such, the only decoration on this leather tote bag is the perforation. The corners and the base of this large bag feature little round holes, adding texture and interest without detracting from the over-all bucket shape. I like it, personally, and think that the slightly rocky vibe will work well with this season's trends.

The limitations, of course, are in the price. This perforated tote is $800, and that makes a simple bag into something entirely different. OK, so black never goes out of fashion, but is such a plain handbag a real investment? Is it classic enough, or is the curved shape just too modern?

Would you spend that on it?

More Features of this Robert Clergerie Tontoutax Hold-all

  • Also available in brown leather
  • Perforated exterior
  • Wide dual handles
  • Genuine leather exterior

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