Reloop Designs’ Kaleidoscopic Clutch | Woven Recycled Shopping Bag Purse

Posted on: Apr 29

Reloop Designs Kaleidoscopic ClutchI've heard of green companies recycling plastic shopping bags to create new materials, but after seeing this Kaleidoscopic clutch I wonder why they bother! Workers in the Cambodian town of Kampot show us you don't need such exhaustive processes to create green purses from plastic shoppers.

The plastic shopping bags are rescued from heavily polluted areas in the Cambodian town, sanitized, and then spun into a usable yarn. This thread is perfect for crocheting into this hand-stitched clutch purse. I love the soft rainbow of colors, and the gentle weathered patina the plastic gives.

The simple flap-over style isn't revolutionary, but that only makes it more versatile. I can imagine this clutch looking just as fresh with a casual, flowing skirt or a more sophisticated maxi-dress. The lack of shoulder strap is disappointing considering this woven clutch's everyday application, but it's also not entirely unexpected at this price point.

The Kaleidoscopic clutch is also a smart option for this unpredictable April weather, as it'll happily resist spring showers or salty air at the beach. Minor marks can be wiped away with a damp cloth, and you can give it a more thorough clean with water and mild soap.

This Kaleidoscopic clutch from Reloop Designs is available for $35 through the Uncommon Goods website.

[Source: Uncommon Goods]

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