Reed Krakoff Turn-Lock Detailed Wallet | Minimalist Salmon Leather Purse

Posted on: Jun 12

Reed Krakoff Turn-Lock Detailed WalletReed Krakoff takes his usual contemporary aesthetic does a few notches with this minimalist Turn-Lock Detailed Wallet.

It's appropriate that its name referenced the Turn-Lock detail on the zipper pull, because really that's the only feature of note on this purse. It looks good, but I'm frankly a bit confused by it. Turn-locks add some retro flair, but they're predominantly designed for security. Here the zipper itself is doing all the work, so the turn-lock seems a bit superfluous. Why Reed Krakoff, why?

I suppose we shouldn't sell the salmon colored leather short either. The shade offers a modern take on recent favorite coral. It's lovely, and as it's used on a wallet rather than a carry bag it doesn't need to accessorize with anything else we're wearing!

It ticks the boxes we expect a wallet will, but in my opinion doesn't go far enough for modern shoppers. There's the zippered change pocket and bill pouches we expect, but just four card slots. That seems a bit stingy, don't you think?

This Turn-Lock Detailed Wallet seems a bit boring when compared to the rest of Reed Krakoff's bags, but it's also significantly less expensive than them at $320. That's more than I'd want to spend on a wallet, but if you're desperate to own a piece of the CFDA award winning designer's legacy you might be willing to part with the cash.

More Features of This Reed Krakoff Leather Wallet

  • Made of cow leather
  • Zip across top
  • Silver-toned embossed logo
  • Gray leather and fabric lined
  • Measures 4.25 x 8.5 x 0.5 inches

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