Reed Krakoff Bridle Two-Tone Leather Tote | Sassy Black & Mustard Satchel

Posted on: Feb 27

Reed Krakoff Bridle Two-Tone Leather Tote

Reed Krakoff's new eponymous line has really impressed me so far. When I heard news of it, nightmares of logo-covered mallsy crap flashed through my mind, but I was so wrong. Krakoff has proven himself to be an interesting and subtle designer. This Bridle tote is a great example of where his fledgling line is headed.

The color combination on this bag is pretty classic, but the prominence of the mustard yellow leather makes it really eye-catching. I'm not even a big fan of mustard, but it really does look great here. The contrast with the black leather makes it look warm and bright at the same time.

I am seriously infatuated with the shape of this bag. It's like a classic ladylike satchel, but with these wider sides that give it a more exaggerated geometric look. I basically like everything about this bag, even though it's completely not within my usual style parameters. Which just goes to show that the editorial excitement of Krakoff's line was very well deserved, even if I was formerly in the naysayer camp.

More Features Of The Reed Krakoff Bridle Two-Tone Leather Tote

  • 15" x 12" x 8" size
  • 5" shoulder strap
  • Lined in grey twill

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