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Posted on: Nov 29

Aster+Sage Bags

Recycled fabrics and retro style come together in the fun accessories from Aster+Sage. For this label, eco-friendly practices are key as founder and designer Linda Yesline explains.

"Our philosophy is to design first and then find recycled materials to compliment our vision. We believe our 'design first' attitude promotes awareness of recycled fabrics in two ways: consumers are exposed to the possibilities of recycled materials, and our products' popularity encourages fabric mills to manufacture material with recycled content."

The result is playful colored shoulder bags and messengers adorned with funky retro appliqué accents. Aster+Sage currently uses polyesters sourced from fabric remnants and soda bottles, but Yesline is always on the lookout for new sustainable sources. While some may find the use of recycled fabrics limiting, she insists that her conservative use of materials actually fuels her creativity.

The eco-friendly Aster+Sage bags are available from selected American retailers, Artel in the Czech Republic, and online through the label's own website and Supermarket.

[Source: Aster+Sage website]

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