Rampage Victoria Lace Clutch | Cute On-Trend Purse with Chain Detailing

Posted on: Jan 17

Rampage Victoria ClutchRampage bring chains back in fashion with this Victoria clutch.

In case you hadn't noticed, lace is everywhere this season. From our shoes to our clothes, it is the coolest fabric at the moment. Rampage has released its take on the theme with this cute nude purse, giving the delicate lace a dose of healthy attitude with that chain decoration. If you aren't a fan of chains then you may find this a bit tacky, but the stripy design means this is still better than many alternatives on the market.

OK, so this cute purse isn't made of real leather, which would have been nice. Considering that it isn't super cheap at $48, we can be forgiven for resenting the label for missing out the luxury of better materials. Still, in the same vein this woven clutch is cheaper than many. Which side you agree with is up to you!

With a useful strap (unexpectedly not in chain), this is a sweet little purse for girly girls with attitude.

More Features of this Rampage Victoria Purse

  • Also available in black
  • Gold coloured chain detail
  • Lace and synthetic leather exterior
  • Single interior zip pocket

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