Rampage Paris Clutch | Quilted Studded Decorative Purse

Posted on: Feb 15

Rampage has made a really visually stunning purse with this unusual Paris clutch.

Quilted purses can often have a bit of a old-fashioned style, even when they are made out of the most modern of materials. This particular purse avoids these issues by using straight vertical lines to quilt the fabric, rather than the more traditional curvy shapes. These orderly lines look great at right angles to the long horizontal clasp, immediately making this purse seem very smart and stylish.

I must admit that whilst the majority of this Rampage clutch looks great, I am a little unconvinced by the shiny studs, increasing in size. They seem to avoid the linear shape of the rest of the handbag, and I kind of wish they had stuck to what they were already doing very well.

What I do like, however is the great interior. In contrast with the bright green exterior and coordinating stitching, the interior of this affordable purse is in a bright fuchsia satin, instantly making this great fun and really enjoyable to use! Plus, at $68 this is a really good stylish bargain!

More Features of this Rampage Paris Purse

  • Also available in brown, black, white and pink
  • Synthetic fabric exterior
  • Contrasting satin interior
  • Optional shoulder strap

Get this Quilted Studded Clutch:

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