Rampage Bella Slouchy Tote | Eighties Studded Leopard Print Purse

Posted on: Nov 26

People describe this spacious tote as "ferocious" and I think they are right!

This bag has eighties glamour written all over it, along with a touch of bad taste. Given the 80s trend sweeping the world at the moment, this makes for an incredibly fashionable purse by designers, Rampage.

So, where should I start?

First, the leopard print. Bold, bright, and warm, this pattern works brilliantly with browns or blacks but will easily clash. If this is the look you are going for then you will look great, especially considering the extra bonus of those glossy black studs. These studs are an interesting addition. They don't quite fit in with the general theme or pattern of the bag, yet somehow manage to work. Add to this black trim, silver hardware and a helluva lot of attitude, and you are well on your way to epitomizing those heady 80s days!

Function wise, the space is brilliant in this chunky slouchy tote, as is the pretty contrasting aquamarine lining. You can fit as much as you could possibly need in it, and wear it straight through from morning until midnight. The handles are a little small for such a spacious design, so this may not be the most comfortable purse to carry.

All in all this is a funky and in-your-face bag with plenty of design features and even more daring.

More Features of this Rampage Bella Hold-all

  • Metallic leopard print exterior
  • Studs and hardware throughout
  • Spacious contrasting interior
  • Short dual handles

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