Puma Dizzy Barrel Satchel | Large Printed Polyester Gym Bag

Posted on: Mar 17

Puma Dizzy Barrel SatchelI wouldn't blame you if you got dizzy looking at the colored prismatic print on this Puma barrel satchel. But gym bunnies will find it's worth battling the vertigo!

The wild rainbow of colors hides a very smart gym bag. Its appeal starts with the exterior, which is made from lightweight but tough as nails polyester. What it lacks in opulence is makes up for in functionality. You needn't worry about it showing marks, tearing, or holding workout odors, unlike more prized materials like leather. Considering its rough and tumble occupation, those features are more important to me than its lack of glitz.

The interior is uncluttered, with just a single pocket for holding small items. That would worry me if this were an everyday bag, but considering the Dizzy will hold larger items like trainers and sweat towels the clean design's a real advantage.

The dual handles are long enough for over-the-shoulder carrying, but they might not be so comfortable if you've got a ways to go. Puma has included a much longer strap though, which allows us to wear this satchel casually across the body.

That dizzying design may put some fashionistas off, but don't disregard this cheap as chips satchel just yet. It also comes in a striking silver and lime combination, as well as classic black.

More Features of This Puma Polyester Barrel Satchel

  • Zip top closure
  • Dual handles with an 11.5 inch drop
  • A detachable strap with a 13 to 27.5 inch drop
  • Measures 10 x 19.5 x 10 inches
  • Made in China

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