Prezzo Novelty Bag | Feathered Tapestry Flower Evening Purse

Posted on: Oct 5

Prezzo Novelty BagGiven its name I'm not sure even Prezzo is taking its Novelty Bag seriously. If you're looking for excess, this evening purse delivers.

There's an awful lot going on here. The bag's body is made from quite a lovely tapestry fabric. In fact, I might have warmed to this purse had Prezzo stopped there. Instead it added feathers and rosettes, bibs and bobs. Some of the accents are also gorgeous, but they're applied so haphazardly and enthusiastically that they're hard to appreciate. It's almost as if Prezzo gave a glue gun to a toddler and told the tiny tot to go to town! The result is a purse that makes a statement, but a very messy one.

It was already too much, but the beaded strap takes things way over the edge. On a simpler purse I'd probably have appreciated it. The black and white mass of beads is certainly more interesting than the standard silver chain most labels provide. But it's also too fussy for such a cluttered evening purse. However on this bag, that's not surprising! We do get the choice of a plain black string purse, which while more sedate is just as tacky.

Sometimes the best thing that you can about a purse is "At least it's cheap." And yes, at $69, at least this Prezzo bag is cheap.

More Features of This Prezzo Feathered Evening Bag

  • Black fabric lined interior
  • Made in China

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