Pretoria Castle Brown Shaded Bowler | Small Fabric & Leather Bowling Bag

Posted on: Sep 6

The problem with bowling bags is that it can be hard to make something that stands out from the crowd. That is why this interesting color combination from Pretoria Castle is worth paying attention to.

You see, you don't often find handbags that combine a pale caramel brown, with a darker tan shade. Despite the fact that multiple browns actually go perfectly together, people tend to avoid them, opting instead for greens or, with bowlers, white. This shade, of course, is much more practical, and that is why this purse stands out from the rest.

The fabrics, too, continue that practicality. The nylon will stand up to extreme battering, which is likely to happen to a sports bag like this, whilst the leather adds a touch of class and helps to justify the $270 price tag. Finally, the purple satin lining makes the whole thing a little more exciting.

This is a great bowling bag that uses color to help it break the mold.

More Features of this Pretoria Castle Bowling Bag

  • Contrasting satin-style ribbed lining
  • Leather and nylon exterior
  • Cute embroidered embellishment
  • Reinforced studded base

Get this Unusual Brown Bowler:

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