Prada Cut-Out Saffiano Tote | Minimalist Laser Cut Designer Handbag

Posted on: Sep 20

Prada white cut-out saffiano shopping toteLaser-cutting and mesh still seems to be quite high up the fashion designer's wish list for A/W 2010. The technique is expensive and effective, creating visually beautiful pieces that tend to come with accompanying very high prices.

The Prada Saffiano tote is no exception. In fact, it may well be one of the most expensive cut-out bags I have seen, clocking in at $1,196. I understand that you are paying for technique as well as brand name, but even so that sort of price will leave a lot of aspiring bag owners out in the cold. Where, of course, the holey leather bag will offer them no shelter at all!

This, you see, is my main problem with this handbag. Were it lined, then I would at least be able to wax lyrical about the minimalist yet practical design. Instead, I am left trying to look for positives in a bag that, whilst gorgeous and unusual, will let all the rain in immediately, not to mention it getting stained so easily.

If you have lots of dosh, then this is a piece that you can buy on a whim, and use only when the fancy takes you, such as on a sunny summer's day!

More Features of this Prada Cut-Out Tote

  • Goldtone hardware (logoed)
  • White cut-out leather exterior
  • Thin dual leather handles
  • Large and spacious interior

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