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Posted on: Jul 10

Why have metal studs when you can have pleating? Of course, you could always have both, which is what they have gone for with this Pietro Alessandro tote.

This tote costs $241.15, and the sign of this designer pricing is nowhere more evident than in the selection of the fabrics. A beautiful leather graces the outside, with a soft sheen and soft rippled appearance. The interior, by contrast, is dark and sleek in a deep black satin, which although easily damaged should be great for hiding those inevitable stains.

The design of this tote continues the classytheme, even if the studding is oerhaps a little over-metallic. The combination of gold and redlooks complex, and manages to justify the price a little more, although some people would prefer more metal hardware. Personally, however, the textural design is very much to my tastes.

Smart, sophisticated, and perhaps a little pricey, this leather tote from Pietro Alessandro is a great choice for studding and practicality.

More Features of this Pietro Alessandro Hold-all

  • Deep red leather exterior
  • Dark satin interior
  • Single zipped interior pocket
  • Metal studding exterior decoration

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