Pacsafe Wristsafe 150 Wrist Wallet | Unusual Black Security Coin Purse

Posted on: Jun 7

Pacsafe Wristsafe 150 Wrist WalletPacsafe offers an unusual alternative to a regular coin purse with its Wristsafe 150 Wrist Wallet.

This quirky wallet puts an end to scrounging around inside your tote for loose change, as it wraps around your wrist. A concealed buckle keeps the adjustable wrist band securely in place. Breathable backing ensures it's comfortable to wear too, even on a sweltering summer's day.

The Wristsafe is far from the height of fashion, but you should be able to tuck it under coats and sweaters once cold weather hits. And in the meantime, you'll just need to rock a retro wrist band look!

The Wristsafe is called a wallet, but to be fair you can't use it as a substitute for a traditional wallet. No one wants to bend their credit cards around their wrist and risk damaging them. It'll happily hold coins and paper money, but you may want to leave the plastic behind. Pacsafe also claims its elastic mesh pocket is meant for a phone, but I can't imagine this wallet will feel comfortable to wear once you stuff a cell inside. That goes double for the zippered key pocket!

This Wristsafe Wrist Wallet is a bit of a gimmick, but at $29.99 it's an affordable one. I can't imagine you'll ever trade in your traditional wallet for this model, but you should find it useful while traveling.

More Features of This Pacsafe Wrist Wallet

  • Measures 1 x 5 x 2.8 inches
  • Also available in gray

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