Paco Rabanne 1969 Shoulder Bag | Quirky Clear Acrylic Link Handbag

Posted on: Oct 30

Paco Rabanne 1969 Acrylic BagPaco Rabanne gives his iconic 1969 bag a modern makeover with this unusual transparent acrylic version.

The chain mail effect which has been turning heads for decades is made from a mix of silver links and clear acrylic. It certainly makes a statement, although I'm not sure exactly what it's saying!

Fashion is all about taking risks though, so I applaud Paco Rabanne for taking some here. It would have been all too easy to rest on his laurels and churn out the same It bags he's produced for years. No doubt they would have been snapped up by girls keen to emulate Bridgette Bardot. This purse is likely to polarize fashion fans, but I also think that makes it exciting.

Sadly though while I appreciate this 1969 bag's concept, I'm all too aware of its flaws. The chain effect will give us a little privacy but the unlined interior means we can't completely keep our cargo a mystery. Clear purses always seem a bit cheap, and the use of acrylic doesn't help its cause.

There's certainly a place for cheap and cheerful, but I don't think any expensive bag should ever look cheap. At $1200 Paco Rabanne is charging far too much for a clever concept.

More Features of This Paco Rabanne Acrylic Link Bag

  • Open top design
  • A silver-toned adjustable chain strap
  • Measures 6.5 x 10 x 1.25 inches

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