Oroton Anouk Clutch | Retro Orange Leather Evening Purse

Posted on: Jan 26

Oroton Anouk ClutchOroton reminds us that the simplest things in life are often the best with this Anouk clutch.

This purse is the picture of retro refinement, with its clean curved lines and bold orange color. It's also available in more conservative dark ivy green and a beige-gray blend that Oroton calls greige, but I appreciate the pop of this more vibrant hue. Perhaps all this gray weather is getting me down, but I love the thought of pairing it with a heavy neutral winter ensemble. And then it'd hit just the right tropical note once summer rolls around.

The fashion world has been moving towards more subtle branding, but Oroton has always been a pioneer. Its signature O is all fashion fans in its native Australia need to spot an Oroton purse. Its placement in the corner of the clutch gives the Anouk an asymmetrical edginess that's so appealing.

The Anouk has a lovely ergonomic shape, but we don't need to spend our time carrying it. A chain is tucked away inside, ready to help us out when we feel like traveling hands-free. I don't think the Anouk has quite the same punch in this mode, but the strap does give the purse a greater day to night appeal.

That's a good thing too, because at $395AUD the Anouk isn't cheap. With the Aussie dollar surging past the Greenback it represents a real investment, but if you can rock it before five I'm sure you'll see value.

More Features of This Oroton Orange Purse

  • Made from cellulose and oiled calf leather
  • An internal pouch pocket
  • Measures 7.1 x 4.7 x 1.8 inches

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