O’Neill Nahua Tote | Woven Seagrass Aztec Beach Bag

Posted on: Jun 5

O'Neill Nahua ToteSurf brand O'Neill gets us ready for the beach with this fun Nahua tote.

The Nahua is made from tightly woven seagrass, a flowering plant which grows in salty coastal waters. This material resembles rattan, and has a lovely beach flavour. However don't think that just because it's natural it's an eco-conscious alternative. Seagrass plays a vital role in its environment, serving as food and shelter for marine animals and stabilizing the ocean floor. By ripping it out of its habitat we're taking it away from the creatures that need it. That seems a little selfish for the sake of fashion, doesn't it?

While I don't really approve of the material, I like the rustic charm of the Nahua's design. It's trimmed with sweater knit embellished with a playful Aztec inspired print. More of that yarn is wrapped around the straps to make them softer in our hands.

That yarn applique isn’t the Nahua's only practical perk though. The interior has a handy zippered pocket for safely stashing valuables. That's a good thing too, because without any kind of closure, security is a concern. The open top design allows us to overstuff it, but it also compromises safety.

The Nahua is cheap and cheerful though at $48. For that price you won't mind packing it away once the weather cools!

More Features of This O'Neill Seagrass Tote

  • Fully lined interior
  • Measures 13 x 17.5 x 7.75 inches

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