O’Neill Mayan Wallet | Spotted Braided Wrist Strap Purse

Posted on: Jan 26

O'Neill Mayan WalletIts name suggests O'Neill's been admiring the style of South America's native tribes, but you wouldn't know it to look at the Mayan Wallet!

This spotted wallet has barely a hint of Mayan influences. I suppose O'Neill might have had the ancient people in mind when it created its braided wrist strap, but it seems a tenuous link. And I've never seen an ancient Mayan artifact covered in large black spots!

Wherever the design came from, it doesn't appear well thought out. I don't mind the spots, but the earthy brown accents don't really gel with the pattern. The contrasting details will attract attention, but I'm pretty sure those stares won't be for the right reasons.

Perhaps we shouldn't be too hard on the Mayan. It's a wallet after all, so it'll probably spend most of its life inside a larger handbag. However the wrist strap invites us to show the Mayan off, so I think O'Neill should have paid more attention to its looks.

It seems petty to be too critical of any purse costing just $28 though. For that price we get a wallet with a decent amount of organizational features and a fun spotted finish. It sounds like a decent deal to me!

More Features of This O’Neill Spotted Wallet

  • Front zip pocket
  • Interior lining
  • A back wall zip pocket and multifunctional slips inside
  • Wraparound zip closure
  • Measures 8.25 x 1.25 x 4.25 inches

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