Nine West Justine Shopper | Yellow Synthetic Leather Handbag

Posted on: Mar 24

This roomy shopper does more than just provide ample space for toting things around. The Nine West Justine bag combines faux leather and just a hint of cotton webbing for a contemporary casual look.

I find the result of the combination appealing. The addition of cotton material on the front pocket and double handles is subtle but enough to give the Justine a little more style than a simple leather or synthetic leather handbag.

As many other accessories this spring, this Nine West bag comes in several bright colors including this denim blue, yellow, orange, and white. Of course, there's also the inevitable basic black option as well. Even the simple black is still somewhat unique with the webbing.

With its contrasting white top-stitching, blue definitely has a denim jeans look that adds to the casual factor. Personally, I'd prefer for the Justine's hardware to be a little more muted than the shiny silver tone it has. Perhaps a brushed metal would have been a better choice.

Even so, Nine West did a great job with this one. Besides its easy casual style, we can't forget the practicality of the Justine. With exterior and interior pockets, you'll be able to fit plenty of stuff in this shopper bag. Style and space for $79 is a pretty good deal.

More Features of the Justine Handbag

  • Shopper measures 15.7 x 9.5 x 5 inches
  • Exterior zippered pocket
  • Cotton webbing detail
  • Also available in a satchel and larger tote

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