Nancy Gonzalez Medium Crocodile Tote | Eye-Popping Electric Blue Croc Carryall

Posted on: Jan 16

Nancy Gonzalez Medium Crocodile ToteNancy Gonzalez is really working the ultra-brights, lately. Not that I'm complaining. Eye-popping color plus exotic reptil skin is combo that I can definitely get behind, and this medium tote brings the two together perfectly.

This kind of cobalt blue is really hard to come by in bags, because the dyes used to create colors like this one are really expensive. Nancy Gonzalez, however, has definitely spared no expense. Not only is the color spot on perfect, the gloss on the bag is subtle, but still enough to reflect light beautifully.

I love the idea of creating an exotic drawstring bag. It's a combination of things that you just don't see that often. This slouchy look makes the already luxurious skin look extra opulent. I would have preferred a more relaxed-looking handle, but the dual rolled croc skin handles are probably more practical.

Nancy Gonzalez shows on bags like this one that designs don't have to be complicated to be interesting. Instead she combines seemingly disparate elements in surprising ways. It's definitely a sort of art form, so even though $3,650 seems like a lot for a handbag, it's not bad for wearable art.

More Features Of The Nancy Gonzalez Medium Crocodile Tote

  • 13" x 12" x 6" size
  • 7" strap drop
  • Fully lined in suede

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