Mywalit Small Shopper | Colorful Blue Grab Bag with Woven Handles

Posted on: Jun 5

Mywalit Small ShopperThe always colorful Mywalit looks to brighten up your next trip to the mall with this small shopper.

Mywalit are masters at using color well. It offers a rainbow of shades, but the hues are never blinding. Most of this bag is a very sedate shade of dark blue. But it becomes something special with the colorful woven handles and stripes of teal and lime green. These hues are the attention grabbers, but if Mywalit hadn't chosen such a sensible shade for the rest of that bag they wouldn't look nearly so appealing.

Those plaited handles do the job, but they're a little short for comfortable over-the-shoulder carrying. That's not a practical concern though, because Mywalit has also added a much longer shoulder strap. Sadly though, this plain blue strap looks a little pedestrian when compared to its colorful carrying colleagues. As the woven handles are so striking, we really should be able to use them all the time. A few more inches would have made all the difference.

It's called a small shopper, but don't let that description scare you off. It's certainly big enough to carry everything you need without a problem; it just won't weigh you down by tempting you to pack anything extra! The single zippered pocket and open gadget pouch ensure you can always put your hand on your essentials.

At €135, Mywalit has created a cute and affordable shopper for girls who enjoy carrying an accessory that's just a little bit different!

More Features of This Mywalit Colored Shopper

  • An exterior pouch with secure closure
  • Measures 11.8 x 10.2 inches

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