Mulberry Margaret Clutch | Plum Purple Suede Gold Crest Purse

Posted on: Oct 3

Mulberry MargaretWith its plum purple color and golden crest, this Margaret purse from Mulberry appears fit for a queen!

This purse looks a little stuffy from a distance, but when you get up close and personal you'll discover its cute quirks. The crest isn't authentically regal at all, although it is very British. It celebrates everything the Poms love, with its bulldogs and cheeky "We Believe in Tea and Cake" slogan. The Mulberry logo sits neatly in the center of the crest, a subtle way of branding the purse while maintaining the clean design.

The suede finish ensures the Margaret will feel exquisite in your hand, but I'm nervous about how the material will look in time. Without an optional shoulder strap, that suede will be in contact with your skin and all its chemicals all the time. Surely that's got to speed up the aging process on a material which is already notorious for showing early wear.

That lack of shoulder strap is also a bit disappointing in a purse of this size. It's not a small clutch by any means, and if it's loaded up it's bound to be a bit unwieldy to carry.

Personally I'm not sure whether I can forgive those flaws for $742.50, but if you've got a royal budget perhaps you will!

More Features of This Mulberry Suede Clutch

  • A button and zip pocket inside
  • Zip closure with teapot charm
  • Fully lined in signature fabric
  • Measures 6.1 x 11.6 x 1 inches

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