Mulberry Lily Leather Shoulder Bag | Uptown Chic Tan Leather Shoulder Bag With Chain Strap

Posted on: Aug 6

Mulberry isn't the most cutting edge design house out there, but it maintains a consistently high level of quality and good taste. Mulberry is the kind of line that will appeal to a lot of different kind of women because of its well-crafted, classically designed staples. This Lily leather shoulder bag is exactly what I mean.

The tan leather on this bag is durable and beautiful, and has a texturally-pleasing pebble finish. The color is conservative and versatile. The thing I like about the leather that Mulberry uses is that it stands up well to wear, and often looks nicer a little worn in. I think this bag will be that way, too.

The bag has a simple, squarish pouch shape. Honestly, it's not very exciting to me in combination with the color, but it is minimal and practical. The signature turn-lock clasp and chain strap are the only real embellishments on the bag, and while their brushed gold is very understated, I think it blends a little too well with the color of the bag.

While Mulberry tries to add a touch of trendiness via the chain strap, I think it just comes off looking dated. Personally, I just can't see paying $695 for a bag so monochrome, but I've never been very practical. Personal taste aside, I think the Lily might make more than a few friends in the uptown set.

More Features Of The Mulberry Lily Leather Shoulder Bag

  • 8" x 6" x 3" size
  • 22" strap drop
  • Fully lined in designer stamped twill

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