Miu Miu Makes Mini Clutches for Fashion’s Night Out | Limited Edition Small Purses

Posted on: Sep 2

Miu Miu Fashions Night Out Clutches

If you're planning on shopping up a storm this Fashion's Night Out, (and let's face it, who isn't?), you may want to make time in your itinerary to stop by Miu Miu. The Italian fashion house will sell four limited edition mini clutches in all participating Fashion's Night Out stores around the world.

These small evening purses take their cues from Miu Miu's retro inspired fall 2011 collection. These tiny mink, suede, and nappa leather purses hearken back to the 1940s golden age of Hollywood. They're on a much smaller scale than most Miu Miu purses, but the micro-quilted workmanship is just as high class as the regular accessories.

I'm particularly fond of the burgundy suede clutch. Which one has stolen your heart?

These purses are super cute, and I'm crossing my fingers that perhaps their small stature might see them costing a little less than the regular versions. I won't hold my breath though, as limited edition lines often tend to demand a premium. And goodness knows they're sure to fly off the shelves on Fashion's Night Out as everyone will be in the mood to shop. I suggest making an early stop in at Miu Miu if you hope to get your mitts on one!

[Source: Glamazon Diaries]
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