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Posted on: Dec 17

Michael Kors Santorini Large Slouchy Raffia Tote

Last week, I was feeling pretty excited about the onslaught of resort season bags being released. A few pops of color were a nice change, but now, frankly, I'm getting resentful. I don't want a hastily designed and questionably constructed raffia bag in the summertime, and I certainly don't want one now.

The loose weave on the Santorini is casual and a little bit chic, but the lack of a lining really kills it for me. Sure the bag is probably sturdy enough for a day at the beach, but one little tear and you'll lose all your change, at least, and perhaps some more important things, as well.

The Santorini's shape looks a bit off-kilter. As in, it looks a bit like one side is wider than the other, and the top is all wavy due to inconsistent tension during weaving, which makes me question all the craftsmanship of the tote.

Also, the skinny little handles will never hold up to a full load, or a full day, of carrying. At least not comfortably.

And for $495, the very least I expect is comfort and practicality. Overall, I'd say the Santorini is a major disappointment.

More Features Of The Michael Kors Santorini Large Slouchy Raffia Tote

  • 20" x 15" x 7" size
  • 6" strap drop
  • Leather-lined stud feet

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