Melie Bianco S9-96 Shoulder Bag | Purple Synthetic Leather Tote

Posted on: Oct 6

I'm a little thrown off by the name of this Melie Bianco handbag. In a list of other style choices like the Franny, Ramona, and the descriptive Croco Envelope Bag, this technical sounding S9-96 Shoulder Bag seems a little out of place. However, the design is synonymous with the brand's classic and often designer-inspired look.

There aren't many frills on this shoulder bag, but the simple details make it something worth considering. Pretty contrast stitching around the entire handbag accentuates the shape and adds a little visual interest. I'm not always a fan of light stitching against a darker background or vice versa, but it's a nice touch on the S9-96.

The classic tote shape has been ramped up a bit with panels of gathered fabric on the front and bag of the purse. It's no shock that the material is not real leather since this shoulder bag only retails for $90, but the trendy lilac purple is enough of a stand-out to make up for the faux fabric. The fun satin polka dot lining, a signature twist from Melie Bianco, adds a little extra personality to the S9-96.

More Features of the S9-96 Shoulder Bag

  • Measures 14.5 x 10.5 x 5 inches
  • Double straps with 7.5 inch drop
  • Sunken zipper closure
  • Faux leather

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