Melie Bianco Pyramid Satchel | Teal Blue Synthetic Bag with Studs

Posted on: Dec 31

At first glance, this Melie Bianco Pyramid satchel immediately reminded me of the Steve Madden Tribeca bag. Although the two satchels have individual styles and slightly different designs, the pair has some definite similarities.

The first and most obvious comparison to make between the two handbags is the studded detail across the bottom. What I really like about Melie Bianco's interpretation of this popular trend is the added visual feature of the studs raised instead of flat or rounded. The pyramid shape of the detail is, in fact, where the satchel gets its name.

One of the other great features of the Pyramid satchel is the detachable, adjustable strap that clips onto the buckles on the sides of the bag. When not in use, the buckles lie flat against the sides by clipping onto small rings near the bottom. Although this leaves the rolled handles to just flap down, but that's a fairly typical feature of bags that convert to a cross-body style.

The only major negative that I can see with the Pyramid is that fact that the cool rows of studs seen on the front don't continue to the back. That's another feature that this Melie Bianco design shares with the Steve Madden Tribeca. Overall, however, I think that the good features, including vibrant color options, trendy details, and classic shape, outweigh that minor detail.

More Features of the Pyramid Satchel

  • Measures 16 x 9.5 x 5.5 inches
  • Rolled handles with 7.25 inch drop
  • Zip top closure

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