Melie Bianco Brenda Bucket Bag | Intricate Slashed Leatherette Handbag with Studded Trim

Posted on: May 31

Melie Bianco Brenda ToteMelie Bianco has fun with fashion with this Brenda Bucket Bag.

The label stops just shy over overdoing things here. There's an awful lot going, but the Brenda still seems strangely cohesive. I love the way the modern slashed panels work with the tightly woven piping that runs between them. The studs that run along the top and straps probably take the design a step too far, but the metal's so delicate that it's not really a deal breaker for me. While I'd prefer a few more color choices, the playful turquoise hue is a fun option for this youthful design.

The Brenda's a great size for everyday use, and it's got the features to match. Inside we'll find a slide pocket for a cell phone and a zippered pocket for valuables. These complement the zippered pocket on the bucket's back. The handles could stand to be a little longer, but until coat season hits they should slip over your shoulder. And once you're feeling the winter chill, you can just add the longer strap. The drawstring's a bit fiddly, but at least there's a magnetic clasp underneath to make the Brenda more secure.

As with the rest of the Melie Bianco label, the Brenda is far from luxurious. Its leatherette is thin and a bit tacky. But as it's slashed up we barely notice, except when we're at the checkout. By choosing synthetic Melie Bianco's kept the Brenda's price down to an affordable $114.

More Features of This Melie Bianco Slashed Leatherette Bucket Bag

  • Fully lined interior
  • Dual handles with a 7 inch drop
  • Measures 7.5 x 14.5 x 10.5 inches

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