Matt & Nat Saatchi Envelope Clutch | Delicate Vegan Japanese Paper Purse

Posted on: Jan 4

The latest handbag in Matt & Nat Saatchi's vegan range made from Japanese paper is this cute crumpled fold-over purse.

Although the magenta is lovely, many people dislike having a crumpled purse. The artful creation of this particular clutch, however, gives an impression of intended wrinkles, rather than random dishevelment. In the same way, this vegan bag is actually akin to leather in looks, and that makes the wrinkles somewhat more desirable.

Many people also collect handbags in interesting and exotic materials. For these people it won't be the multiple pockets or functional adjustable handle that convinces them, but more the fact that is actually made out of paper. This man-made Japanese paper will often be enough alone to sell this bag easily!

Functional and good looking, this is a pretty bag that may be a little too big for many people.

More Features of this Matt & Nat Saatchi Vegan Clutch

  • Man-made vegan exterior
  • Multiple interior and exterior pockets
  • Adjustable matching handle

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