Matt & Nat Fifty-Five | Japanese Paper Vegan Handbag from Ellen Show Giveaway

Posted on: Dec 21

Celebrities are starting to take notice of Matt & Nat bags. The brand, which follows an all-vegan materials policy, has captured Ellen DeGeneres as a fan. The comedian and talk show host gave away quite a few of these Fifty-Five purses to a delighted audience at one of her Christmas specials this year.

You don't have to be a PETA supporter to appreciate the funky style of Matt & Nat purses. Their unique look is equally if not more stylish than some other designer handbags that might be a little less friendly to animals. Lucky for us, it seems that being animal conscious is also economical to bag-making. I haven't seen a Matt & Nat bag of any size beyond the $400 mark.

Their signature material is the Japanese Paper. The crinkled vegan leather looks fantastic on the Fifty-Five bag. I love the black option with brass and copper hardware. Similar to many Matt & Nat styles, the subtle details on the Fifty-Five make the material the showcase of the handbag.

There is a definite rocker vibe to this purse without being too obvious. Small accessories like the side panels attached with copper studs and the double zippered pockets on the front just add a touch of edge but don't overwhelm the bag. The Matt & Nat logo is hardly even noticeable on a small copper bar.

There are two short handles for carrying the Fifty-Five in your hands, but the detachable shoulder strap is much more convenient for a bag of this size. This roomy bag is also available in coffee brown, grey, or a bright magenta. Like their other bags, the Fifty-Five is relatively affordable at $250.

More Features of the Fifty-Five

  • Measures 15.25 x 16 x 5.75 inches
  • Made from all-vegan materials
  • Brass and copper hardware
  • Detachable, adjustable strap

Matt & Nat Fifty-Five Bags on eBay

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One Response

  1. Mandy Says:

    ah shit, now that “celebs” have found out about this brand it will suddenly be the new “it” item and I will no longer feel like having one if it is on the shoulders of every bimbo out there :-(
    and I love this brand…just hope it doesnt become another y’know…trend.

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