Mary Frances Wild Abandon Hobo | Flamboyant Beaded Brown Leather Handbag

Posted on: Sep 25

Mary Frances Wild AbandonMary Frances always seems to design her purses with wild abandon but ironically enough this hobo, called Wild Abandon, is a bit tamer than most of her accessories!

When it comes to Mary Frances, a little conservatism doesn't go astray. After all, Mary Frances in reserved mode is still pretty flamboyant. By reigning in her natural showiness, she's created a hobo which is much more wearable than many of her designs.

While ordinarily the bag would be covered with all manner of decoration, here she's limited the details to beaded flowers around the top and delicate metal chains beneath them. These accents are set into the deep chocolate brown leather to create a look which is eye catching, but not completely over the top.

Its characteristic slouch doesn't make this hobo the most user-friendly accessory, but with an open pouch and zippered compartment at least we should find our essentials in a hurry. I also love the ample storage space provided, which should help this hobo make the transition from day to night.

This purse is probably still too busy to pair with a complicated outfit, but it could offer just the lift your favorite neutral ensemble needs.

More Features of This Mary Frances Beaded Hobo

  • A 27 inch shoulder strap
  • Zip top closure
  • Measures 16 x 3 x 10 inches
  • Made in The Philippines

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