Mary Frances Early Bird Clutch | Beaded Decorative Pouch Bag

Posted on: Jul 5

Just when you think Mary Frances had created the oddest handbag she could, she goes and creates something even more distinct!

Distinct may be a bit of a euphemism for strange in this case. An ornithologist's dream, this signature slouchy purse is embellished with beads, shells and feathers in the shape of a cute little birdy. Although it is vaguely reminiscent of a child's collage that they put together in pre-school, it is also quite fun and endearing, and perfect for those with a bit of a sense of humor.

Many people will hate the Early Bird clutch, but it is worth remembering that the early bird catches the worm (sorry!). This is fun, bound to cheer you up on dull days, and has enough room to prepare for most situations!

Do you feel like you and Mary Frances' creative beaded designs are like birds of a feather? If so then this one will set you back $278 in order for it to be yours.

More Features of this Mary Frances Early Bird Purse

  • Stitched and beaded decorative exterior
  • Optional long strap
  • Spacious box clutch interior

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